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Eight Tips: How to Shop Our Sales

The first thing you should know is that Anne Dee ESTATE SALES usually has three-day sales. The first day is full marked price. There are no reductions in price until the second day when items are 25% off; all remaining merchandise is 50% off on the final day. We specialize in sold-out sales, so it pays to go early for the best selection & to come late for the best prices.

Number two is that we no longer use a numbering system for entry. First come, first served. We reserve the right to limit entry & we hire security when necessary.

The third tip involves our pricing. We invest a great deal of time researching the things we have to sell. We go online & check to see what particular items have sold for recently. We are not interested in what they sold for in past years - only today's market is considered. Of course, we sometimes make mistakes & we can count on you to tell us!

Fourth, the gold & silver jewelry, coins & serving pieces entrusted to us by our clients will be weighed & priced with historical & antique values taken into consideration. Gold, silver & platinum will not be sold below today's melt value. A damaged pocketwatch was recently scrapped by us for $884.69; an insignificant 14k band for $46.60. On the other hand, a set of vintage Gorham "Buttercup" flatware sold intact for $2,800 in January 2015 & a larger set of Gorham "Strasbourg" sold two months later for $3,595. If you are a reseller scrounging for bargains in precious metals, be forewarned: you will not find any quick turnover deals here.

Number five is something you should know if you want to buy a large item such as furniture or an appliance, i.e., an item you can't possibly bring to check-out without help. Simply remove the tag & bring it to the cashier. The item will be considered sold.

Sixth tip is about being an environmentally-friendly buyer. Although we try to provide recycled plastic & paper bags & clean boxes (for books, glasses, dishes), it is thoughtful of you to bring your own reusable totes (the ones you keep in your car for groceries work great). Those of us at Anne Dee ESTATE SALES consider ourselves a green company; we are dedicated to reusing, recycling, repurposing.

Number seven involves sales tax. Dealers who fill out a one-time Texas Sales & Use Tax Resale Certificate at check-out are not subject to sales tax, but everyone else is. Our company provides a service & we are required by the Comptroller of the State of Texas to collect tax & report & pay it on the 20th day of each month.

Our eighth tip involves our basic terms & conditions:

No early birds; we open at the announced time.

No prices quoted via phone, text or email prior to or during sale.

Every item sold "as is" without warranty or guarantee. Caveat emptor. Although we wouldn't knowingly sell defective appliances or electronics, there is no way we can know the history of each piece; small chips on antique & vintage glass & pottery are marked as is.

All sales final; no returns accepted. We have only 15 hours to sell all items in an estate. If you pay for an item, therefore removing it from consideration by others, & you then experience buyer's remorse, that is unfortunate. Please make sure you really want an item before purchasing it.

All furniture & appliances must be removed from the premises at closing the last day of the sale. Absolutely. No. Exceptions.

Children must be supervised at all times.

No public restrooms.

Anne Dee ESTATE SALES & staff will not be held responsible for any accidents or injuries incurred during our estate sales.

And, finally, you should know that we accept cash, credit & debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) with a $20 minimum.

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