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Welcome to Anne Dee ESTATE SALES.

We provide professional liquidation services for central, northwest & west Austin homes. Our staff has more than 60 years experience selling antiques, art & household goods. Call us today for your free in-home consultation.

Liquidating every item in a home involves a tremendous amount of work & can be emotionally draining to family members facing this arduous task. Everything from furniture & appliances to books & tools must be cleaned, identified, organized, appraised & priced before being sold at an estate sale held in a single weekend.

When a sale is put in the hands of a professional, full-service estate sale company, many families will realize much more profit than if they did it themselves. Although the typical charge for handing an estate sale may be 35% to 60% of the sale proceeds, a great deal more money will be realized if items are properly identified & priced by someone with a strong background in antique & vintage items.

A blue opalescent pitcher, e.g., was bought for $25 at a family-run estate sale a few years back. Four family members were present at this sale in north central Austin & none of them recognized this rare Northwood Daffodil tankard water pitcher for what it was: a 1910 treasure that sold shortly afterwards to a New York glass collector for $1,900. On that item alone, they would have realized $1,210 additional profit had they hired an honest, knowledgeable professional to run their sale. This estate was full of lots of good glass, pottery, handmade quilts & other wonderful items &, unfortunately for the family, all were sold at far below market value.

Costly mistakes are also made by so-called experts. On November 20, 2010, a 5'x7' weaving was sold at a central Austin "professionally run" estate sale. It was an early Navajo chief's blanket, valued in the thousands of dollars. Here's the email I received from the savvy (& fortunate) buyer who had it recently appraised: "I paid $37 for it & I can't believe they didn't know what they had. Some of these people shouldn't be running estate sales Anne!!" The unfortunate family who hired this self-proclaimed expert never had a clue.

Anne Dee ESTATE SALES has the research experience, the organizational skills & the resources to make sure the above scenarios are unlikely to happen at your family´┐Żs estate. We recognized the potential of several items at the initial consultation of Estate Sale #120 & vowed to realize top dollar for our client. We felt that these four pieces had national appeal & we were proven right when they sold on eBay for $2,955.76. On September 17, 2013, the Lalique crystal swan was the big winner at $2,050 &, the next day, the Royal Copenhagen triangular pickle dish sold for $513.99, the fruit basket for $239.27 & the cigar cups for $152.50.

We charge 38% commission from the proceeds; our labor, advertising, credit card costs & other expenses are taken from our commission. Along with your check for 62% of sales & your keys, you will receive, within 48 hours of the end of the estate sale, an accounting of all cash, check & credit card sales.

If, after our on-site consultation, we agree that Anne Dee ESTATE SALES is the appropriate choice for both parties, a one-page agreement will be signed & a weekend will be chosen. Generally, we begin work about two weeks before the actual sale.

Anne Dee ESTATE SALES provides folding tables & bookcases, tablecloths, lockable jewelry cases, clothing racks, extra lighting, plate holders, online & local advertising, our edited email list of more than 4,000 receptive customers, a rented email list of more than 25,000 estate sale buyers from the Austin metropolitan area, bright yellow & other directional signs, cleaning & paper supplies, labor & security.

We look forward to your call, text or email. Thank you.

Anne, 512.585.4174 or

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