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The following 241 comments & testimonials are on file at the office of Anne Dee ESTATE SALES; clicking on the name of the person who made the statement will connect you to the related sale.

• Wow, that's great. You estimated it at about [x] thousand dollars when we first talked, so that's right on! That is wonderful. Looks like it was very steady throughout the entire sale. I just can't thank you enough!

– S. C., client • Elizabeth Jane, Westminster Glen Estates, Austin • March 12, 2018 (#241)

• Anne Dee ESTATE SALES were very helpful & friendly!

– Kathryn M., customer who left feedback on Square • Elizabeth Jane, Westminster Glen Estates, Austin • March 11, 2018 (#240)

• Thank you for everything. It looks great. Y'all did an amazing job.

– S. C., client • Elizabeth Jane, Westminster Glen Estates, Austin • March 9, 2018 (#239)

• .... I was impressed by the testimonials to your efforts.

– George R., prospective client • January 31, 2018 (#238)

• I enjoy your sales because I’m dealing w/knowledgeable & honest people & appreciate being remembered at your sales.

– Gary B., customer • Sunnyvale, River Oaks, Austin • January 30, 2018 (#237)

• I purchased a few boxes of things from the "97-year-old's Fabulous Estate Sale" on Saturday & was wondering if there is any family history of where the two beautiful paintings came from....

Thank you so much! They are so great, I LOVE THEM BOTH!

– Krenda R., customer • Sunnyvale, River Oaks, Austin • January 30, 2018 (#236)

• I am so appreciative of all you & your staff have done!

It's been a real pleasure partnering with AnneDeeEstateSales.

• Thanks Anne! I saw ur emails this am & I am very pleased with the sale!

– Deborah R., client • Sunnyvale, River Oaks, Austin • January 30, 2018 (#235)

• House was so crowded with both merchandise & shoppers that it was difficult moving around. But probably had more to do with the floor plan....Did enjoy visiting with others in line & staff members were very helpful.

– Kathy H., customer who left feedback on Square • Sunnyvale, River Oaks, Austin • January 29, 2018 (#234)

• Awesome, helpful staff.

– Delores H., customer who left feedback on Square • Sunnyvale, River Oaks, Austin • January 27, 2018 (#233)

• All the best! Thanks so much for all the hard work in getting everything organized. And I really appreciate how you've kept me updated on the progress!

• Everything is looking good online. Hoping for a fantastic sale! TY

• TY! The pics look really good on ur site.

– Deborah R., client • Sunnyvale, River Oaks, Austin • January 6 & 24, 2018 (#232)

• You have a wonderful gift of selecting great houses with unique as well as functional items for sale.

You are so welcoming & very adaptable as well as so knowledgeable of merchandise. Thanks for all the years of looking forward to your sales.

– Pat T., customer & friend • August 26, 2017 (#231)

• Awesome sale, awesome vendor & staff. Thank you, Anne.

– Jane Ann Westfahl, customer who left feedback on Square • Toro Canyon, Westlake Highlands, Austin • August 6, 2017 (#230)

• I enjoy doing business with you.

– Mary R., customer who left feedback on Square • Toro Canyon, Westlake Highlands, Austin • August 6, 2017 (#229)

• Great Sale!!!

– Maria F., customer who left feedback on Square • Toro Canyon, Westlake Highlands, Austin • August 4, 2017 (#228)

• Working with you was undeniably the best we could have ever hoped for.

– Valerie W., client • Ramies Run, Sendera, Austin • July 24, 2017 (#227)

• As always, a fantastic, clean & well-organized sale.

– Gary B. customer who left feedback on Square • Oakmountain, Westover Hills, Austin • July 9, 2017 (#226)

• [Our estate sale listing on your website is] so awesome! Thanks so much!

– Evy G., client • Oakmountain, Westover Hills, Austin • July 2, 2017 (#225)

• I want you to know that I really, really appreciate your tips page on your website. It has been very helpful.

• I am trying to schedule an estate sale ... & was highly recommended to work with you.

– Nancy R., prospective client • May 11 & 12, 2017 (#224)

• I was impressed by the sale on Sunday – so organized & yet there were still things people were buying. How satisfying it must be to have a successful sale – congratulations! I hope you are enjoying a much deserved rest!

– Patricia M., prospective client • Brookwood, Balcones Village, Austin • April 26, 2017 (#223)

• Great shopping experience – I found exactly what I was looking for AND MORE.
Outstanding customer service provided by Anne Dee & her staff – personable, knowledgeable & extremely helpful.

– Leona P. customer who left feedback on Square • Brookwood, Balcones Village, Austin • April 23, 2017 (#222)

• Five star organization.

– Kathryn H., customer who left feedback on Square • Brookwood, Balcones Village, Austin • April 21, 2017 (#221)

• You are amazing!! So is your staff & husband. With what I am going through at home, this is such a relief for me to have this part behind me ... I am focusing on the positive, the tremendous sale & all the people you had come to the sale!!

• I never dreamed you would have that much in sales!!! What a nice surprise. Absolutely wonderful job!! I just really did not think there was enough stuff of value to ever produce this level of sales, but you were right.

• Wow!!! ... You, your husband & staff have done an absolutely tremendous job. I know it has been a lot of very hard work. You are the BEST.

• Absolutely outstanding!!!!... amazing work.

– Jane I., client • Brookwood, Balcones Village, Austin • April 16, 22 & 24, 2017 (#220)

• all great!

– James U., customer who left feedback on Square • Mountain Villa, Old Cat Mountain, Austin • March 20, 2017 (#219)

• I love your Estate Sales!

– Kimberly C., customer who left feedback on Square • Mountain Villa, Old Cat Mountain, Austin • March 19, 2017 (#218)

• A wonderful shopping experience. Anne Dee & her staff are always professional & personable.

– Leona P., customer who left feedback on Square • Mountain Villa, Old Cat Mountain, Austin • March 19, 2017 (#217)

• Hi Anne! Again, thank you SO much for the lovely sale. We are very happy.

– Kay A., client • Pasaguarda, West Lake Hills, Austin • February 27, 2017 (#216)

• Friendliness.

– Barbara N., customer who left feedback on Square • Pasaguarda, West Lake Hills, Austin • February 24, 2017 (#215)

• You're the best game in town.

– Henry T., customer • January 18, 2017 (#214)

• I just looked at the Anne Dee website. She looks like a slam dunk compared to the rest.

Thanks sooooo much, Margaret!

– response to referral from Margaret D., realtor • January 5, 2017 (#213)

• ... I've heard great things about you!

– Carrie A., prospective client • December 7, 2016 (#212)

• I always look for your estate sales. All of the Anne Dee ESTATE SALES [staff members] are professional & delightful. Let's keep this good thing going.

– Linda L., customer who left feedback on Square • River Wood, Mt. Bonnell Shores, Austin • December 5, 2016 (#211)

• Lovely friendly helpful kind staff working Saturday!

– Benjamin S., customer who left feedback on Square • Balcones, Highland Park South, Austin • November 19, 2016 (#210)

• Excellent selection. Very fair prices!!

– Constance W., customer who left feedback on Square • Small, Old Cat Mountain, Austin • October 29, 2016 (#209)

• Always a pleasant experience.

– Henry T., customer who left feedback on Square • Small, Old Cat Mountain, Austin • October 28, 2016 (#208)

• ... We really do appreciate all your help in getting that sale organized & completed under such stressful conditions!!!

So Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!

– Kathy & Mike H., client's friends • Oak Crest, Oak Ridge Heights, Austin • October 27, 2016 (#207)

• ... Good luck with your next sale. We are still giddy about ours!

– Patti K., client • Glenview, Brykerwoods, Austin • October 24, 2016 (#206)

• ... Thanks for taking such good care of us. We feel very good about all of it. Thanks so much.

– Patti K., client • Glenview, Brykerwoods, Austin • October 17, 2016 (#205)

• LOVE your sales!

– Janice H., customer who left feedback on Square • Glenview, Brykerwoods, Austin • October 14, 2016 (#204)

• Just looked at your website. Our sale looks outstanding!.... Many thanks to you & your staff for all the hard work.

– Patti K., client • Glenview, Brykerwoods, Austin • October 10, 2016 (#203)

• Thank you for your hard work & great service from the team this weekend. We very much appreciate what you all have done to ease our transition.

– Ruth F., client • Park Hills, Rollingwood Park Estates, Rollingwood • October 10, 2016 (#202)

• Thanks very much for taking the time to let me know these positive comments about Anne Dee.... It’s a challenge doing all this from a distance, but I think that Anne is going to be a huge help with getting the contents of the house taken care of. Thanks, again, for taking the time to get back to me.

– Stephanie W., prospective client to past client • October 4, 2016 (#201)

• My pleasure. Let me know if I can be of further help. You are in good hands.

– referral from past client to prospective client • October 4, 2016 (#200)

• I've just read your well-done website & have a few questions... would you consider doing an estate sale in Wimberley?....

• Can you recommend someone of your caliber to hold an estate sale with valuable items/collections [in Wimberley]? I understand if you prefer not to refer. Thank you!

• Thank you so much for the information!

– Haddon L., prospective client • September 24 & 25, 2016 (#199)


– Stephanie K., customer who left feedback on Square • Edgemont, Balcones Park, Austin • August 22, 2016 (#198)

• Everything was great as usual!

– Denise G., customer who left feedback on Square • Edgemont, Balcones Park, Austin • August 21, 2016 (#197)

• Best Estate Sale ever.

– Henry T., customer who left feedback on Square • Edgemont, Balcones Park, Austin • August 21, 2016 (#196)

• Good prices..... friendly staff..... always a good selection..... never disappointed.

• Looking forward to pictures of your next sale..... the one that ended today was wonderful..... you do a great job Anne.

– Sandra K., customer who left feedback on Square • Mountain Laurel, Tarrytown, Austin • August 5 & 7, 2016 (#195)

• We are so excited to have you do our sale. You are our kind of person!

– Patti K., client • Glenview, Brykerwoods, Austin • August 4, 2016 (#194)

• [We] moved from Texas! My wife & I loved your Estate Sales. We will miss you ladies! Adios.

– David G., customer who left feedback on Constant Contact • July 28, 2016 (#193)

• This was a lovely sale & I thought everything was perfectly priced, which made me buy more than I usually do at an estate sale!

– Kathleen B., customer who left feedback on Square • Fletcher, Bouldin, Austin • June 25, 2016 (#192)

• I absolutely love Anne Dee ESTATE SALES.

They do an outstanding job of organizing & displaying the merchandise.

Also the staff is always so helpful & friendly.

– Kay F., customer who left feedback on Square • Fletcher, Bouldin, Austin • June 24, 2016 (#191)

• Thanks for all you do - love your sales! :)

– Mandalyn X., customer • Payne, Brentwood, Austin • June 21, 2016 (#190)

• Everyone is always courteous, professional & friendly at your sales. There are a lot of sales to choose from. I always try to make yours.

– Jim Lewis, customer who left feedback on Square • Bull Creek, Allandale, Austin • June 13, 2016 (#189)

• We have attended some of your estate sales & found them to be well-attended & professionally staffed & run.

– Dorothy S., prospective client • June 6, 2016 (#188)

• Our favorite estate sale organizers! Always quality items at great prices. They remember our names also! :)

– Debbie W., customer who left feedback on Square • Oak Crest, Oak Ridge Heights, Austin • June 6, 2016 (#187)

• Everything was Dee-lightful!

– customer who left feedback on Square • Oak Crest, Oak Ridge Heights, Austin • June 5, 2016 (#186)

• A-Team - "To All of You with Warmest Thanks. The heart remembers kind deeds & thoughtfulness. [Our hearts] remember special people like all of you. Thank You So Much."

– Kathy & Mike H., client's good friends who provided food, drinks, support, card • Oak Crest, Oak Ridge Heights, Austin • June 5, 2016 (#185)

• Everyone was so nice.

– Debra W., customer who left feedback on Square • Ridge Oak, Highland Park West, Austin • May 22, 2016 (#184)

• Fantastic staff!! Always nice!!

– Stella T., customer who left feedback on Square • Ridge Oak, Oak Ridge Heights, Austin • May 21, 2016 (#183)

• Very efficient checkout.

– Janet D., customer who left feedback on Square • Ridge Oak, Highland Park West, Austin • May 19, 2016 (#182)

• Thank you so much for showing so much enthusiasm & desire to get this sale done as soon as you can. It is truly appreciated!

– Kevin K., client • May 16, 2016 (#181)

• Just a pleasure to deal with Anne & her staff.

– Janet G., customer who left feedback on Square • West, North University, Austin • February 28, 2016 (#180)

• Incredible finds, well organized sale & friendly staff... two thumbs up!

– Selena M., customer who left feedback on Square • West, North University, Austin • February 28, 2016 (#179)

• As always, I enjoyed my shopping experience with Anne & her wonderful staff. All were knowledgeable & helpful. The merchandise & setup were exceptional. I found many items that I needed (rather wanted).

– Leona P., customer who left feedback on Square • Gilbert, Tarrytown, Austin • February 20, 2016 (#178)

• Lovely people running the estate sale.

– customer who left feedback on Square • Gilbert, Tarrytown, Austin • February 20, 2016 (#177)

• Always enjoy doing business with your friendly people!

– Joan B., customer who left feedback on Square • Shoal Creek, Rosedale, Austin • February 1, 2016 (#176)

• The place looks great. It's fascinating how you display items.

– Vicki M., family member • Shoal Creek, Rosedale, Austin • January 24, 2016 (#175)

• Hi Anne! We are friends with [former clients] Mike & Janis C. & Don & Susan M., both of whom RAVED about your services.

We have a 4,100 sq. ft. home in Dripping Springs... I noticed on your website that you prefer to keep your sales in the greater Austin area, but please please please consider seeing our “collection” before you say no....

• Thank you Anne. I’m disappointed but I really do understand & I appreciate the referral.

– Carol G., prospective client • January 22 & 23, 2016 (#174)

• [Accounting] looks great. Thanks so much for all your hard work!

– Christi W., client • Viridian, Circle C West, Austin • January 18, 2016 (#173)

• As usual, Anne had everything organized beautifully. Cindy was very helpful & wrapped my purchases with great care. She & Anne have always been extremely helpful! Thank you.

– Livier S., customer who left feedback on Square • Viridian, Circle C West, Austin • January 16, 2016 (#172)

• Always kind & accommodating.

Anne, always enjoy your estate sales. Your prices are great & fair.

– Babette R., customer who left feedback on Square • Viridian, Circle C West, Austin • January 16, 2016 (#171)

• I'd like to work for you all.

– Sarah J., customer who left feedback on Square • Finley, Allandale, Austin • December 12, 2015 (#170)

• Quality merchandise. Excellent staff; friendly, knowledgeable & willing to assist customers.

– Leona P., customer who left feedback on Square • Autumnleaf, Cat Mountain Villas, Austin • November 15, 2015 (#169)

• Terrific.

– Ruth D., customer who left feedback on Square • Autumnleaf, Cat Mountain Villas, Austin • November 14, 2015 (#168)

• I have been to many an estate sale but have had only one in my lifetime. I found Anne Dee on the Internet &, after talking to her over the phone, decided to hire her company to take care of my late mother's possessions.

And what a good idea that turned out to be.

Anne & her entire crew professionally took over the house for a week or so & turned it into a quite enchanting tableau: like an old-time curio shop.

As far as the actual sale, she & her knowledgeable & tirelessly hard-working staff made us very happy when we saw the payoff! She promptly gave us a check & a full accounting of the items/sales/taxes for each of the three days.

We highly recommend Anne Dee ESTATE SALES to one & all!

– David & Patti Levy, clients who left feedback on Yelp • Silverarrow, Westover Hills, Austin • October 20, 2015 (#167)

• Thank you for your impressive way in handling the sale. The professionalism is remarkable.

I am impressed with the presale preparation work, your orderly sale during the three days & your systematic accounting records.

– Dr. Charles B. Chiu, client • Silverarrow, Westover Hills, Austin • October 19, 2015 (#166)

• Wow!! Thanks so much! Great to work with you & I will sing your praises.

– David Levy, client • Silverarrow, Westover Hills, Austin • October 19, 2015 (#165)

• Anne's sales are always wonderful. Items are organized, clean & worth the money. Thanks Anne.

– Harriett C., customer who left feedback on Square • Silverarrow, Westover Hills, Austin • October 18, 2015 (#164)

• You guys do a great job running a very organized estate sale.

– Terri B., customer who left feedback on Square • W. Mary, Bouldin, Austin • October 5, 2015 (#163)

• So pleased. Thank you! I am glad we had such lovely weather... I appreciate being able to participate in the sale & happy for the extra money.

• I rode my bike down Mary this morning & saw signs & lots of shoppers. It was fun to see.

– Marion M., client • W. Mary, Bouldin, Austin • October 3 & 5, 2015 (#162)

• I wish U were in San Antonio ;)

– Enriqueta F., customer who left feedback on Square • Ramies Run, Sendera, Austin • September 30, 2015 (#161)

• You are an awesome promoter.

– Katherine P., customer • September 29, 2015 (#160)

• Fast friendly service. Everything clean & well displayed.

– Kay F., customer who left feedback on Square • Ramies Run, Sendera, Austin • September 26, 2015 (#159)

• Hi Anne - I’m excited that you will start on my sale on Monday!.... Thank you for making it all go away!

– Christine B., client • W. Mary, Bouldin, Austin • September 25, 2015 (#158)

• We all think you guys did an excellent job. Thank you for everything.

• Thank you & your team for all your hard work.

• You guys are terrific. I took [father-in-law] Jim by today. He was amazed & so was I.

– Valerie W., client • Ramies Run, Sendera, Austin • September 24, 26, 27, 2015 (#157)

• Everything is so nicely displayed & clean looking. Staff friendly & helpful.

– Kay F., customer who left feedback on Square • Flintrock, Wynnrock Estates, Austin • September 19, 2015 (#156)

• The teamwork it took to put this sale together!

– Sam M., customer who left feedback on Square • Flintrock, Wynnrock Estates, Austin • September 18, 2015 (#155)

• Thank you & your crew for such an amazing sale. I'm always ready to highly recommend Anne Dee. My Mom said you did a fabulous job....

We all appreciate all the hard work. I often wondered what we would do with all my Mom's collections. Now I know. Can't praise you enough. Thanks!

– Carol Counts, client's daughter • Richcreek, Crestview, Austin • August 24, 2015 (#154)

• I always loved your sales! I'm going to miss you! I have moved to Arkansas to retire in the Ozarks :)

– Dana C., customer who left feedback on Constant Contact • August 23, 2015 (#153)

• Always friendly, priced right.

– Irene B., customer who left feedback on Square • Richcreek, Crestview, Austin • August 22, 2015 (#152)

• I have been to several estate sales handled by this company. I recommend you get on their email list if you want a heads-up on future sales. If you are a antique collector or treasure hunter, you will discover some solid finds. Also, everything is clearly priced so you don't have to hunt someone down to get a price, just grab & go...

– Robert H., customer who left feedback on Yelp • August 21, 2015 (#151)

• I just wanted to tell you again how happy we are that you are handling my Mother's sale. My best friend went by today & she told me how nice everything looked & how nice the pictures of the sale looked.

You have definitely gone above & beyond in many ways. You are the BEST!

– Carol Counts, client's daughter • Richcreek, Crestview, Austin • August 20, 2015 (#150)

• I also wanted to tell you how great everything looks. I am very happy you decided to do my Mom's sale. I do appreciate all the hard work that goes into a sale. Thank you so much....

I would definitely go to this sale if I saw it in our Dallas area. Looks like all those years of collecting really shows in how well you & your GREAT team have arranged things. Beautiful job. My Mom will be very pleased.

– Carol Counts, client's daughter • Richcreek, Crestview, Austin • August 13, 2015 (#149)

• Your team has been busy. Write-up & pictures look great.

– Norm Counts, family member • Richcreek, Crestview, Austin • August 12, 2015 (#148)

• Always a great time at your sales.

– Pearce S., customer who left feedback on Square • Williamsburg, Charleston Place, Austin • August 9, 2015 (#147)

• Friendly staff.

– Sam M., customer who left feedback on Square • Williamsburg, Charleston Place, Austin • August 8, 2015 (#146)

• It was the end of the day & everyone was still friendly & in a good, upbeat & very helpful mood. Thanks again.

– Sally B., customer who left feedback on Square • Williamsburg, Charleston Place, Austin • August 7, 2015 (#145)

• I have attended Anne Dee ESTATE SALES regularly for many years & find them to be super organized & thoughtfully presented. Anne & her staff work like a well-oiled machine during the sale. I look forward to her sales in particular because they always offer interesting items at fair prices. If you enjoy estate sales, be sure to show up at Anne's next sale. You won't be disappointed!

– Mary S., customer who left feedback on Yelp • August 4, 2015 (#144)

• More interesting than buying retail. Saves me the cost of a trip around the world.

– Brenda O., customer who left feedback on Square • Wheeler Branch, Western Oaks, Austin • August 4, 2015 (#143)

• It's always a pleasure doing business with you gals.

– Joan B., customer who left feedback on Square • Wheeler Branch, Western Oaks, Austin • August 2, 2015 (#142)

• I go often to your sales. You & your staff are always so kind & helpful. Keep up the great work! Thanks.

– Tamir DuCharme, customer who left feedback on Square • Wheeler Branch, Western Oaks, Austin • August 2, 2015 (#141)

• Thank you & your [staff] for helping us out - We could not have made this move without you.

– Bruce & Fannie McCrary, clients, Biloxi, Mississippi • Onion Creek, Onion Creek, Austin • June 29, 2015 (#140)

• Such great people, very helpful & happy people. This was a trip back. Very neat things & arranged so it was easy to shop.

– Kay F., customer who left feedback on Square • Walebridge, Circle C Ranch, Austin • June 21, 2015 (#139)

• As usual, all items nicely organized.

– Livier S., customer who left feedback on Square • Walebridge, Circle C Ranch, Austin • June 20, 2015 (#138)

• Everything was clean & beautifully displayed. Workers were friendly. It was a very positive & happy experience shopping at [the] Estate Sale.

– Kay F., customer who left feedback on Square • Walebridge, Circle C Ranch, Austin • June 19, 2015 (#137)

• Magnificent in EVERY way! [Original 1927 Lenci doll catalog; sold for $187.50 on 5-24-2015]. Seller is the BEST! Thanks for a wonderful experience!

– customer who left feedback on eBay • June 11, 2015 (#136)

• Very helpful & well informed thank you looking forward to next sale!

– James C., customer who left feedback on Square • York Bridge, Circle C Ranch, Austin • June 5, 2015 (#135)

• You have such a good eye re photos & staging....

• I am watching your website & continue to be amazed at your work & progress....

• Wow! We are both so impressed with the copy & photos of our sale so far. You really know what you are doing! We are very pleased to have you managing our sale.

– Laura M. Neumeyer, client, Reading, Massachusetts • York Bridge, Circle C Ranch, Austin • May 27, June 1 & 2, 2015 (#134)

• Amazing. So well done... Thank you.

– client • Ridge Oak, Highland Park West, Austin • June 1, 2015 (#133)

• Wow – I didn’t believe you were going to pull it off, Anne. You & your team were very professional & did a great job. I was impressed.

I hope you were pleased with the results. I am glad to have the stuff out of our home & into the homes of those who will use it.

Well Done.

– Lee Little, client • Hidden Canyon, The Preserve, Westlake • May 4, 2015 (#132)

• Your sales are always great!!

– Sandra J., customer who left feedback on Square • Hidden Canyon, The Preserve, Westlake • May 1, 2015 (#131)

• Items are organized & packaged to resemble a nice department store/gift shop. The Neiman Marcus of estate sales!

– Elizabeth W., customer who left feedback on Square • Brookhaven, Barton Hills, Austin • April 24, 2015 (#130)

• I would very much like to contract with you for my sale.

– Laura M. Neumeyer, client • April 7, 2015 (#129)

• [We] enjoyed meeting you & appreciate you driving down to visit with us. Looking forward to working with you & your team.

– Debbie M., prospective client • April 7, 2015 (#128)

• Thank you for wanting to do my sale. As many estate sales as I go to, I feel that you are the best.

– Judy D., prospective client • April 1, 2015 (#127)

• Anne Dee is... a member of Austin Friends of Folk Art & she handles estate sales.

I believe her to be honest, fair, hard-working & knowledgeable.

– referral from customer to prospective client • March 28, 2015 (#126)

• I think you are the most organized of all the people that I have ever known who do estate sales. You are honest & know what you are doing.

Debora’s [comment #124] kind words I am sure reflect the feelings of all those you have worked with – downsizing is difficult to say the least & you make it easier for us.

– Joan L., art appraiser & client • March 18, 2015 (#125)

• It was a genuine pleasure to meet you. You are a wonderful soul & your kindness, patience & enthusiasm were much appreciated... Thank you for your time & consideration.

– Debora R., prospective client • March 15, 2015 (#124)

• I so appreciate your personal attention to my trivial problem... you have gone above & beyond to help.

– Tricia N., customer • W. 7th, Downtown, Austin • March 1, 2015 (#123)

• Good luck with the sale. Everything looks great!

– Brenda F., client • W. 7th, Downtown, Austin • February 27, 2015 (#122)

• I wanted to thank you once again for your honesty & advice to me yesterday. I will follow your suggestions. Thank you!

– Dr. Cynthia A., prospective client • February 7, 2015 (#121)

• I like your enthusiasm!... Thanks for being so helpful.

– Peter O., prospective client • February 2, 2015 (#120)

• Anne was great. I appreciated how she treated me & felt great about my purchase. I am really enjoying the paintings.

– John B., customer who left feedback on Square • Academy, Travis Heights, Austin • January 29, 2015 (#119)

• I'm so happy the estate sale went so well & appreciate you & your team's service. It is a great relief to me & my family that this process is complete. Thank you so much.

– Kenneth R., client's POA • Furness, Heritage Hills, Austin • January 26, 2015 (#118)

• Always courteous – always professional! See you next time...

– Jerri Anne S., customer who left feedback on Square • Furness, Heritage Hills, Austin • January 24, 2015 (#117)

• Prices very reasonable... everything laid out neat & presentable.

– Darlene J., customer who left feedback on Square • Furness, Heritage Hills, Austin • January 24, 2015 (#116)

• I asked about buying something which was bundled but I only needed part of it. You could have been rigid & difficult but you were pleasant & willing to work with me. I appreciate the flexibility. Thanks.

All your people were very nice & friendly & helpful. Makes me wish I'd found you before doing my parents' estate sale.

– Jane F., customer who left feedback on Square • Furness, Heritage Hills, Austin • January 23, 2015 (#115)

• You are doing a great job displaying things to their best advantage. We're in good hands.

– Nan G., client's daughter • W. 35th, Tarrytown, Austin • January 12, 2015 (#114)

• You folk have the greatest estate sales: the estates, the organization, the prices & the price reductions, ETC!

– Judith E., customer who left feedback on Square • Academy, Travis Heights, Austin • January 12, 2015 (#113)

• No one, anywhere, sets up an estate sale like you & your staff.

Thank you for taking such extra care for both sellers & buyers. Can't wait!

– Betty W., customer • Academy, Travis Heights, Austin • January 7, 2015 (#112)

• I so appreciate you.

– Tammy S., prospective client • January 3, 2015 (#111)

• Great as always.

– Sandra J., customer who left feedback on Square • Academy, Travis Heights, Austin • December 12, 2014 (#110)

• Anne did a spectacular job for my clients by helping them get their items sold & out of the house. The communication was excellent & the process ran smoothly & efficiently. Hiring Anne certainly helps our clients know that results will be delivered as promised....

– Ricky Cain, realtor, Keller Williams Realty • Carleen, Allandale West, Austin • December 7, 2014 (#109)

• Clearly priced – friendly service.

– Jerri Anne S., customer who left feedback on Square • Fawn Run, Travis Country, Austin • December 5, 2014 (#108)

• It was great meeting you yesterday. I really appreciate your advice & the direction that you provided & have to say, I like your style, so I’m in hopes that it all comes together.

– prospective client • November 16, 2014 (#107)

• I am so excited that you might consider helping us with this incredible family estate. It is overwhelming every time I walk in the door... Thank you again for taking the time to advise us.

I tried this by myself last year, contacted numerous people & firms about helping me organize & find caring homes for my ancestors' precious collections that took a lifetime to gather. I got so exasperated at all of them that I fired them in my mind before I even thought of hiring them. Most of them reminded me of a bunch of buzzards hovering.

I was so excited when [my son] said you were awesome!!!

And I look forward to the possibility of working with you!

Please consider helping us... I will not allow JUST ANYONE thru the doors, much less to advise us. I would cherish your opinion!

You come very highly recommended!!!

– prospective client • November 15, 2014 (#106)

• .... your website... is brilliant!

– Joan L., client • November 13, 2014 (#105)

• I suggest that you contact Anne Dee who does estate sales & is wonderful to get along with. Her website is & there are letters from some of her clients who have been very satisfied with her resulting sales.

– referral from client to prospective client • November 13, 2014 (#104)

• Your business manner is excellent & very much appreciated.

– client • November 12, 2014 (#103)

• Anne: This is great news!!! I’m pleasantly surprised at the amount of the sale... I wasn’t expecting so much. My dad is thrilled. (When I told him the amount, he said “I had no idea I had so many treasures!”)

Thanks so much for all of your work on this. My dad & I really do appreciate it....

– Robert Miller, client's son, Ashburn, Virginia • Carleen, Allandale West, Austin • November 3, 2014 (#102)

• Always enjoy Anne's Sales! Even when it's a full house, everyone always gets taken care of, always with a smile!

– Craig Douglass (1949-2015), customer who left feedback on Square • Carleen, Allandale West, Austin • November 2, 2014 (#101)

• Everything is well organized & marked. Everyone is friendly & eager to help.

– customer who left feedback on Square • Carleen, Allandale West, Austin • November 1, 2014 (#100)

• Great attitudes!

– Jerri Anne S., customer who left feedback on Square • Barker Hollow, Estates of Shady Hollow, Austin • October 17, 2014 (#99)

• Always like to attend your sales.

– Sandra J., customer who left feedback on Square • Barker Hollow, Estates of Shady Hollow, Austin • October 17, 2014 (#98)

• Wilburt & Dorothy always enjoy your sales & try to attend when we can. Always well organized & fair prices. Thanks...

– Wilburt & Dorothy E., customers who left feedback on Square • Barker Hollow, Estates of Shady Hollow, Austin • October 17, 2014 (#97)

• Hi Anne! With the [John Tyler High School] notification of your birthday coming up, I just had to check out your website. Excellent page! And the comments from customers show what a great service you provide....

I loved the “What to Keep” section! So personal & such a great idea.

– Brenda M., ex-classmate, Lake Jackson • August 10, 2014 (#96)

• Thank you, Anne!

– Jan M., client's daughter, Fort Worth • Great Oaks, Rosedale, Austin • August 4, 2014 (#95)

• .... love your contract. It's fair & written in simple, understandable language so both parties understand their responsibilities. It was refreshing to read.

– Tracey Kirchenbauer Suits, client • Range Oak, Western Oaks, Austin • May 30, 2014 (#94)

• Anne – wanted to drop a note & say hello & hope all is well with you. Have VERY MUCH missed seeing you & Candice. Your estate sales are always an amazing treasure hunt as well as great fun. However, after all these years, I consider you a friend as well. So, with that said, just checking in. Hope to see you soon.

– Sandra R. Thomas, customer • May 22, 2014 (#93)

• OMG, OMG, OMG – what a terrific sale!!! Can't wait till tomorrow. Thanks for offering this pre-sale to your loyal customers. That's why we shop you!!! Very cool stuff – see you tomorrow!

The VERY best things I've gotten at estate sales were from yours, especially a GREAT collection of Wallace Nutting prints from a sale you did in March 2011. Your prices are always fair & reasonable & give both buyer & seller a win-win. I just so enjoy those that you do – you can tell you really enjoy your calling!

– Dawn McDowell Brooks, customer • Longvale, Village Oaks, Austin • March 26, 2014 (#92)

• Received the book ["The Navy of the Republic of Texas, 1835-1845" by Dr. Alex Dienst; sold for $2,599 on 3-14-2014] & I am very pleased.... A+ seller. Immediate shipment. Excellent customer service.

– customer who left feedback on eBay • March 17, 2014 (#91)

• .... it was a good sale. I hope you are pleased as well.

– Patricia R., client • Misting Falls, Austin Hills, Austin • January 26, 2014 (#90)

• I am looking forward to working with you & appreciate what you have to offer.

– Patricia R., client • Misting Falls, Austin Hills, Austin • December 26, 2013 (#89)

• Does anyone know a good HONEST estate sale person or company? A great older friend is going to have to move into assisted living & wants her estate valued & sold. - Mike Reynolds

• Mike, a client of mine is using Anne Dee ESTATE SALES & has been very pleased.

– Drew Tate, realtor, Tate Property • Facebook referral • November 12, 2013 (#88)

• Beautiful swan [Lalique; sold for $2,050 on 9-17-2013], mint condition as described, great e-Bayer. Thanks!

– customer who left feedback on eBay • October 3, 2013 (#87)

• The house looks wonderful – beautifully organized!! You all do a fantastic job!

– Anne H., client's daughter • Overland Pass, The Homestead, Bee Cave • October 2, 2013 (#86)

• Anne, I want to thank you & your staff for the wonderful job you all did in handling my dad's estate. I was so impressed with the research & organization of the estate items & the descriptions on your website; I didn't know half the items that were in there or that they could sound so good. Also, the house was immaculate when you left & I appreciate that more than you can imagine.

I knew I was right to keep your name in my mind from when you did the [February 2009] estate sale for my in-laws. You did an excellent job.

I am on your mailing list so I'm sure I will be seeing you at future sales. I would unhesitatingly recommend you to anyone in need of an estate sale. Thanks again so much.

– Claudia Woodworth, executor • Valburn, North Cat Mountain, Austin • September 15, 2013 (#85)

• Hi Anne. I have been to many of your estate sales & truly feel you do a wonderful job. Now it's my turn to be a client of yours. My father passed away last month....

– Anne H., client's daughter • Overland Pass, The Homestead, Bee Cave • August 25, 2013 (#84)

• I have never been more impressed than I am with Anne Dee & I used to be in the business of estate sales. She's absolutely phenomenal with her professional staff & incredible quick payment. Please tell her I referred you.

– referral from Laura McMillan, realtor, Avalar Austin Real Estate, to prospective client • August 19, 2013 (#83)

• We wanted to take time to thank you for your over the top service. The professionalism in your company made our lives virtually stressless.

Downsizing our home & committing to move to Mexico had our heads spinning until we found Anne Dee ESTATE SALES. What you were able to do in 10 days was a truly amazing feat. The way your staff staged, tagged & sold our furniture & household items was accomplished like a well-oiled machine. It also pleased me to notice the care & respect paid to our things at each stage of the process. The pride each of you took in accomplishing each task... made the sale "the best it could be''... & that is outstanding! It showed in the success of the sale. We couldn't have been happier! You have set the bar for excellence.

I don't believe there is anyone in Austin who could compare to you & your team... We are pleased beyond measure.

I also thank you for the condition in which our home was left. Clean & ready for our new owners.

In short... 10 days... Start... Sale... Clean... Adios!

Amazing job!

We love you guys :)

– David & Jody Plummer, clients, Mexico • Sundown, Shady Hollow, Austin • August 18, 2013 (#82)

• What a GREAT sale! Can't wait! You always have such terrific sales – love attending them!

– customer • Spanish Oak, Oakcrest Estates, Georgetown • August 7, 2013 (#81)

• Went to several Dallas estate sales this weekend. What an eye-opener!

None met the standards of Anne Dee ESTATE SALES. Yours are carefully organized, fairly priced & thoughtfully displayed. Did not see your attention to detail or your pride in the finished product....

– customer • August 4, 2013 (#80)

• I hope you have more sales like Larkwood. It was very unique.

– customer • Larkwood, Delwood, Austin • June 24, 2013 (#79)

• We highly recommend Anne Dee ESTATE SALES.

During a very difficult transition in our life, Anne was a delight to work with. We were very fortunate that Anne was able to work us into her schedule, as we gave her very little lead time. Her team came in & did a tremendous job selling our "left behind" treasures & odds & ends after downsizing our lifestyle. They left the house very clean for the new buyers!

All of our friends & neighbors reported how professional the team was & how great the sale looked.

We can't thank you enough, Anne, for making this transition easier & profitable for us.

– Buff & Pat Rademacher, clients, Houston • Canyon Rim, Camelot, Austin • June 7, 2013 (#78)

• I met you a few weeks ago at your wonderful Westlake estate sale....

– customer & prospective client • N. Weston, Rob Roy on the Lake, Austin • June 3, 2013 (#77)

• .... I'm just so happy that you allowed us to piggyback on your actual sale. It was so kind of you to help us out like that....

You have the best team of people working for you. They never tire.... Cindy & Candice have a really big job getting everything cleaned off, set out & displayed properly. Anne, you are so clever with your grouping of like items, it almost makes me want to buy my own items back.... Dennis is a saint for doing the after sale clean-up. I don't know what you would do without this man (not to leave out your husband who is like a well-oiled machine lifting & carrying all the shelves & tables).

There are so many behind-the-scene people involved in your business. You hand-picked a great bunch. I think that's why you are so successful. You blow away any competition because of the great team you are!

– Vicki & David Jacobson, clients • May 21, 2013 (#76)

• .... we are all pleased with your hard work & follow through!

– Shannon Rademacher, family member, Houston • Canyon Rim, Camelot, Austin • May 20, 2013 (#75)

• Thanks Anne!! We went over to the house & it looks amazing.

– Tom M., client • N. Weston, Rob Roy on the Lake, Austin • May 5, 2013 (#74)

• A fellow in line at your Pemberton sale this weekend said that estate sales have become Big Business. I replied "that's because everybody is trying to follow the standard first set by Anne Dee."

– Vincent Contorno, customer • Gaston, Pemberton Heights, Austin • April 17, 2013 (#73)

• Deborah & I would like to thank you so much for conducting the estate sale for the property of Patsy Lamme. We know Patsy would be so proud of having one of your top selling estate sales.

Your team did an awesome job putting everything together from an organizational standpoint, including research, pre-sales, pricing, marketing & setting up for the sale weekend. We especially want to thank Candice for all her hard work & countless hours preparing for a successful sale.

It's been a long journey, but one we can all be proud of due to you & your wonderful staff.

– Chris Jistel, executor • Richcreek, Crestview, Austin • March 20, 2013 (#72)

• Great seller. [Meyer stoneware pitcher; sold for $455 on 2-24-2013.] Looking forward to future business...............

– customer who left feedback on eBay • March 9, 2013 (#71)

• Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Anne, Thank you so much for all your hard work at our sale on James Ryan Way. What can I say? It's been a tough year & knowing that there was someone in Austin who I could trust to get the job done was priceless. My dad cannot stop talking about it. I so appreciate all your efforts.

I hope one day I meet you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Andrea Eyler Smith, client, Baltimore, Maryland • James Ryan, River Place, Austin • February 11, 2013 (#70)

• Retired, no longer go to estate sales for reasons of health. Always enjoyed your sales & found some great items.

– Carolyn Spillers, customer • January 31, 2013 (#69)

• Many thanks to Anne & her team for so expertly organizing & marketing our recent sale. Your years of experience, hard work & enthusiasm ensured the sale was a great success & a pleasant experience for our family.

– Clare Kolar, client's daughter • E. 34th, Grooms, Austin • January 16, 2013 (#68)

• My sister & I need to liquidate our mother's estate.... I have attended your estate sales in the past & know how well-run they are.

– Amy R., customer & prospective client • December 19, 2012 (#67)

• .... I was quite impressed by the high level of organization & thoughtfulness of display that allowed nearly all of my items to be sold.

It was also a wonderful bonus to receive my proceeds so quickly after the sale was complete.

– Bari Fennell, client • Teakwood, Allandale North, Austin • November 8, 2012 (#66)

• Thanks again for helping us with the sale. It was such a relief to have somebody who knows what they are doing take care of this.

– Will Roden, client • Bamford, Northwest Hills, Austin • October 1, 2012 (#65)

• The photos you have taken that you have posted on the website look amazing. Thank you so much for all of your hard work.

– Sarah Roden, client • Bamford, Northwest Hills, Austin • September 22, 2012 (#64)

• I have heard from some people here [at Westminster] that they had to wait six weeks to get paid after their sale.

I told them: "WHAT?!?!?"

Then tactfully said, "Gee, my estate sale lady, Anne Dee, paid me in less than 24 hours...."

– client • Bartoncliff, Barton Hills, Austin • September 3, 2012 (#63)

• Just wanted to let you know how happy David & I are with the sale. Your company is classy & professional & you had an incredible number of people show up ready to buy. We are thrilled (& very surprised) at the proceeds. You made our move effortless.

You & your staff are wonderful. Please feel free to give our name & number to anyone who would like a testimonial. We would recommend you in a heartbeat. Thank you again.

– Heidi & David Frumkin, clients, Fort Worth • Dauphine, Milwood, Austin • August 27, 2012 (#62)

Lovely sale!

– Jeanne, customer • Cercis, The Dominion at Great Hills, Austin • August 17, 2012 (#61)

• Annie... was just looking through the upcoming sales. They look great. It will be good to work them. Pics are nice. You really do an exceptional job with everything. I am proud to work with Annie Dee ESTATE SALES!

– Melanie H., staff member • Dauphine, Milwood, Austin • August 7, 2012 (#60)

• Thanks a bunch for doing the sale!... Hope it was fun.

– Tony S., client, Eagle River, Alaska • Oakmont, Brykerwoods, Austin • August 5, 2012 (#59)

• Thank you Anne. We wish you the best of luck for the future of your business.

– Carla & Greg S., clients • Bowman, Tarrytown, Austin • July 30, 2012 (#58)

• I am very happy to have met you. I have heard about you for a long time. No one does estate sales better!

– Anne M., customer • Bowman, Tarrytown, Austin • July 28, 2012 (#57)

• Please include me on your email list. I enjoy attending estate sales that you manage. They always have quality products & are clean & well-organized. Clearly, you put a lot of work into your job.

– Patti Riggs, customer • July 20, 2012 (#56)

• Just wanted to let you know we enjoyed chatting with you today & want to go ahead & hire you to sell our things.

– Karen W., client • Cercis, The Dominion at Great Hills, Austin • July 15, 2012 (#55)

• Thank you Anne. What a relief to see that empty house!!! So glad I called you for this.

– Leah Pratt Roberts, client • Justin, Crestview, Austin • June 27, 2012 (#54)

• We were absolutely stunned by the high quality of Anne's & her team's work! From the initial meeting when we went through the house reviewing our "stuff" right up to the final meeting when she delivered our check, Anne was thoroughly professional & businesslike. Underneath that professionalism is a great person with a sense of humor who is dependable, honest & enthusiastic about what she does.

Think you can handle selling your stuff with a garage sale? Forget it! Anne Dee is the person you want. Absolutely. No doubt about it, she does superb work. That check? Bigger than we ever thought it would be & delivered to us less than 24 hours after the end of the sale.

– Don & Susan Madden, clients • Bartoncliff, Barton Hills, Austin • May 11, 2012 (#53)

• I can't believe how much you took in at the sale! Hurray. You all did an AMAZING job. We're so excited! I can't get over the work that all of you did to make my sale a success. The only thing I did was stay out of the way!

– Kathy Coleman, client • Hot Springs, Legend Oaks, Austin • May 7, 2012 (#52)

• You have created a great operation that is firing on all eight cylinders. I was there two-three times a day & no one was ever sitting around or chit-chatting. All business. It was impressive.

– Jeff Embree, realtor, Waterloo Realty • Bartoncliff, Barton Hills, Austin • May 1, 2012 (#51)

• I will certainly suggest you & the professionals you employ for any estate sale needs my clients or family may need. Everyone last week was working with a purpose, respected Don's & Susan's property & made noticeable efforts to present their possessions in a positive & marketable fashion.

– Jeff Embree, realtor, Waterloo Realty • Bartoncliff, Barton Hills, Austin • April 30, 2012 (#50)

• I know you are not yet done but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your hard work. The death of my mom & having to dispose of her life of collecting all things was very overwhelming & made even harder since I live across the country in Atlanta. The outcome of the sale was a pleasant surprise & even more important I hope that my mother’s treasured belongings were bought by people who will also treasure them. I know this was very labor intensive due to the sheer volume & I thank you for everything. You always responded quickly to all communication & the sale figures came faster than I had expected after a tiring weekend.

Thanks again for making this part of settling my mom’s estate a little easier. I can now look forward to finding another family to make a happy home in my parents dream house on Lake Austin.

– Karla Zanders Postma, executor, Atlanta, Georgia • Tortuga, Northwest Hills Dry Creek, Austin • March 14, 2012 (#49)

• Marilynn & John are so relieved to have an empty house. Thank you for putting on such a great sale.

– Liz Busch, realtor, Keller Williams Realty • Kinney Oaks, The Village at Kinney Court, Austin • March 6, 2012 (#48)

• I can recommend the BEST! Anne Dee ESTATE SALES.

She knows her "stuff" like no other & her staff is exceptional.... her "angels" do an outstanding, productive & honest job. I would not recommend anyone else ever. The advertising is the best & the photos are amazing. Just look her up under Anne Dee ESTATE SALES. People trust her completely & she & her worker bees are extremely organized.

Tell her I sent you, but do call her.

She is reliable.... I adore her.

Anne can handle the most elite or the most complex sale.

– referral from Carol Ann Pevehouse, realtor, Sky Realty, to prospective client • February 24, 2012 (#47)

• I've said it more than once & let me say it again, thank you for the impeccable work you & your team did for me. From the research, pricing, arranging & bits & pieces to all the unseen/unknown parts as well as the time, care, interactions & patience of handling all of my brother's belongings, I deeply appreciate the job you did.

– Jiaan Powers, executor, Dallas • Dexter, Barton Heights, Austin • January 1, 2012 (#46)

• Thanks again, Anne, for all your help in handling my estate sale. There is no way I could have done it without your knowledge & assistance.

– Kenneth Van Snell, client • Capadocia, The Ridge at Scofield Farms, Austin • December 18, 2011 (#45)

• The photos & marketing are outstanding & very classy. I want to send you business anytime. I am so happy that I selected you. You truly know what you are doing.

– Carol Ann Pevehouse, realtor, Sky Realty • Mesa, Northwest Hills, Austin • October 20, 2011 (#44)

My brother & I are quite pleased with the sale & all your hard work.

– Stephen Corbett, co-executor, Toronto, Ontario, Canada • Manana, Lake Austin, Austin • August 26, 2011 (#43)

• Thank you all again for your amazing help. You have no idea what it means to me. It is the "lift" you are giving me to move forward!.... Best & with deep appreciation.

– Sarah LeClere, client • Sunny Slope, Tarrytown Oaks, Austin • July 29, 2011 (#42)

• Looks like we had a tremendous estate sale last weekend. I am so pleased with what you & your "angels" did for me.... I want to thank you for being the awesome business woman you are. You are true to your word in every respect. Only you & I will understand this... but seeing the first item [in the sales ledger] being the razor for five dollars told me what an honest, trustworthy person you are.

If anyone is planning an estate sale they should ONLY be dealing with you & your angels. You & your team did an amazing job with THOUSANDS of items in a very short turn-around time. I will forever be grateful. Big hugs to all of you!

– Vicki & David Jacobson, clients • Long Champ, Davenport Ranch, Austin • July 13, 2011 (#41)

• Thank you again for the fantastic job you & your staff did handling my sale. Your ability to attract nearly 6,000 hits to the sale’s dedicated webpage was simply astounding! Even more impressive than your substantial rolodex of local buyers & uncanny ability to identify & appropriately price a wide variety of objects was the work ethic that you & your staff exhibited while cleaning & preparing the countless number of pieces. The experience & – most importantly – the results completely exceeded my expectations. I can not recommend your services highly enough.

– Ken Tiemann, client • Bridle Path, Westfield, Austin • June 13, 2011 (#40)

Thank you for all of your hard work. I know you are not accustomed to operating in such a hot & grimy home & I do sincerely appreciate what you are doing for me.

– Ken Tiemann, client • Bridle Path, Westfield, Austin • May 25, 2011 (#39)

• I just wanted to let you know the house sold & we closed today. Thank you again for recommending [realtor] Margaret Denena – she did a great job. And of course, thank you again for the excellent job you did on the sale. I was overwhelmed & I really appreciate your getting it done. If you ever need any recommendations or referrals, I would be glad to do that for you. Thanks again.

– Lisa B., client, Las Vegas, Nevada • Spicewood Mesa, Canyon Mesa, Austin • May 20, 2011 (#38)

• It all looks so fabulous! I would buy my own stuff back, you've made it look so tempting!... My husband thinks you all are the smartest, hardest working ladies he has ever seen & he's not easily impressed.

– Janis Cowell, client • Cedarview, Barton Hills, Austin • May 20, 2011 (#37)

• I knew I was in good hands the minute you walked through the door & recognized my Dad’s Wallace Nutting print collection.

I really appreciate how well you took care of all the things that meant so much to my Dad. I only wish he could have met you. I am sure he would have enjoyed discussing art & antiques with you! Thanks for everything!

– client • Plumewood, Spicewood at Balcones Village, Austin • April 2011 (#36)

• My brother & I would like to go forward with your company doing the estate sale. Thank you for your professional, yet understanding approach. We are very confident that you are the right company & will do an excellent job.

– Libby Griffin, client • Delmonico, Great Hills, Austin • April 13, 2011 (#35)

• Thank you so much for running the estate sale for my home items. You & your team did a great job & were helpful & professional.

Dr. Robert Griffith, client • Westminster Glen, Westminster Glen, Austin • February 28, 2011 (#34)

• Thank you for the special part you have had in our lives. I don't know what we would have done without you!!!!!!!!!!!

– Sharon Conway Kern, executor, San Antonio • Plum Creek, Kyle • February 28, 2011 (#33)

• Thank you Anne. You're wonderful!

– client acknowledging one of numerous incidental services we provided at recent sales, such as (1) finding & returning a mom's gold wedding band & a dad's $1,500 cash stash, (2) taking on partial estates when profits were negligible, (3) pricing items for clients that did not result in a commission, (4) allowing a second estate to be brought in & priced the day before the sale, (5) driving 50 miles to let a customer pick up furniture after the sale's scheduled hours et al • Austin • February 19, 2011 (#32)

Just wanted to say thank you for a great sale. You & Candice outdid yourselves. Even with the bad weather you were able to pull off a great sale. If you ever need a reference, please feel free to use my name. Again, Thanks.

– Michael Miller, executor • San Diego, Granada Hills, Austin • February 17, 2011 (#31)

• I attended an estate sale a few weekends ago near my home on San Diego Road. I was very impressed with your services, the quality of the items & the organization of the event all together.

– Kristin Larsen, realtor, ZipRealty • San Diego, Granada Hills, Austin • February 14, 2011 (#30)

• Just wanted to tell you, again, what a pleasure it is to attend your sales. They are clean & extremely well organized.

– customer • Bold Ruler, Davenport Ranch, Austin • February 14, 2011 (#29)

• This is looking great. The write-up & description are really nice. The kudos to the ancestors is especially meaningful. The photos on the website are great; Jennifer did a super job. It is all really coming together....

Once again, thank you so much for all you are doing. It means so much to my daughter & me that a caring & knowledgeable professional as kind as you is looking after Mama's treasures.

– Sharon Conway Kern, executor, San Antonio • Plum Creek, Kyle • November 19, 2010 (#28)

• I am truly amazed at how you manage to clean out a house.

Your marketing is superior, following is consistent & pricing is right on.

– customer • Greenmountain, Westover Hills, Austin • November 14, 2010 (#27)

• Thank you again for everything. I am extremely pleased with your professionalism, website & expertise!

– Cynthia Sandherr, client's daughter, Washington D. C. • Greenmountain, Westover Hills, Austin • November 4, 2010 (#26)

• Thank you for all the hard work you did to make my estate sale happen....

I hope to see you again some day. Your energy & enthusiasm is contagious & I need lots of that. Visit me anytime you need a break or just want to vent. I am always here.

– June Thorp Rade, client • Barton, Zilker, Austin • October 26, 2010 (#25)

I just wanted to thank you for making the sale of my mother's belongings so easy on us. Living so far away, we were unsure how we would deal with all of her things, in addition to getting the house ready to sell & putting it on the market... There is still much work to do, but the hard part – emptying the house – is over, & we made enough money to do the necessary repairs to get the house ready to sell. I can't tell you what a relief it was to walk in the house two weeks ago & see it completely empty, even the garage!....

Your website was very helpful & we found that everything you described worked just as promised. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone in Austin needing your valuable services. Thanks again & good luck in your business!

– Suzanne Weedman, executor, Washington D. C. • Pinehurst, Onion Creek, Austin • September 22, 2010 (#24)

• Thank God for Anne Dee ESTATE SALES.

With the death of my mother & last parent there were many things happening at the same time & most of them were new to me. I began to research what we were going to do with mom’s property & possessions & went through many interviews of auctioneers, estate sales persons, appraisers & others to figure out how we should proceed.

A couple of appraisers advised me to talk with Anne Dee, so I phoned her directly. From the first call things were different. She volunteered to come over & help me understand some of the values of items so we could make family decisions about what to sell. Everyone else wanted to charge for an opinion on the matter.

Anne advised us in many ways & became part of our family. We entrusted silverware & jewelry to her for weighing, inventory, research & photography. We trusted her from the first meeting & her knowledge, enthusiasm & research impressed us more with each day we worked with her. Anne invited us to one of her sales & we could see how she ran it, professionally, well organized & secure from general theft. We signed with her & she delivered on every expectation we had, including leaving the house “broom clean”. She did better than that & dry-cleaned the carpet. When she left, the house never looked so good. We sold everything offered, got more than a fair value from it & were impressed with every aspect of her work.

I highly endorse Anne Dee ESTATE SALES. We had a large estate in the very well established neighborhood of Old Enfield & it was so professionally handled that even the neighborhood association thanked us. Anne made it a family affair & we met the relatives of principals of the business & their partners, all of whom involved their spouses. Thanks to that team for an outstanding job.

– Chad Aicklen, executor • Cromwell Hill, Old Enfield, Austin • January 5, 2010 (#23)

• Laura, your estate sale is in really good hands with Anne Dee. She did a fabulous job for my client with a home in North Allandale last year. The house was packed to the ceiling with 40 years of collections & the family didn’t know what treasures they had.

Anne knows & she will do a really classy job on the sale.

– referral from Margaret Denena, realtor, Berkshire Hathaway, to prospective client • December 10, 2009 (#22)

• Thank you so much for the wonderful job that you did on our Dad's estate sale! The sale was well advertised, very organized, well attended & was a huge success!

Clearing out our Dad's house was a little overwhelming for us & you came in & knew exactly what to do to get this task accomplished. Even though the primary goal of this sale was about getting the house emptied out & on the market & not about making money, the proceeds that we received from you were way more than they would have been if we had conducted a sale on our own.

What a huge relief to see the empty, clean house after the sale, exactly as you promised!

We were able to put it on the market immediately. We appreciate the excellent work & would highly recommend you. Thank you!

– The family of John B. Robertson, executors • Camelia, Westover Hills, Austin • December 3, 2009 (#21)

• Thanks for all your help & advice. I appreciate it & enjoyed working with you. I have recommended you to two possibly “good” estate sales.

– Pat King, client • Greenflint, Westover Hills, Austin • November 24, 2009 (#20)

• I would like to thank all of you for your professionalism & courteous manner in dealing with my mother's estate.... The staff followed through with everything that I was told would happen. The house looks good after the sale. You have made everything much easier for me. I will recommend you whenever I hear of the need of your services. Thank you all.

– Phillip Hayter, executor, Pflugerville • Woodstone, Wooten Terrace, Austin • October 18, 2009 (#19)

• I wanted to write & thank you for all your help with Ila's estate sale. It's taken me awhile to write because grieving the death of a loved one comes in stages for me. The house is almost empty, the yard sale is scheduled for next weekend, we have a contract with a potential buyer for the house &, somehow, with each step I take forward, it seems more & more real that Ila is dead. So it is with writing this letter.

I am possibly an unlikely candidate for an executor since I am inexperienced in probate & estate business but, as the end of life approaches, I suppose it comes down to trusting someone with the stuff that is left & the things that must be done after we're gone. It's an honor to be trusted that much; it's also a helluva lot of work. Since Ila trusted me, I needed to find someone I trusted to help me.

I know very little about antiques.... the responsibility of selling Ila's personal property was scary. At first I thought I would hire an antique dealer from the area to help me with pricing & then handle the sale myself. As I spoke with friends & neighbors, your name came up. One neighbor attends estate sales every weekend & she said yours are always well-organized, well-attended & fairly priced. Those things are all true. And more.

Your website is the best I've seen. It is obviously maintained frequently & lovingly & your tips were especially valuable to me.

You're fair. You were prompt for appointments & followed through with everything we discussed. Just before you drove away from the house with a truck & trailer full of furniture & household items, you took a minute to write the address of the location where the stuff would be stored. It never occurred to me that some unscrupulous person might just bring me a document to sign & then drive off with the stuff & never be heard from again. It made me even more confident that I chose the right person for this job.

You're flexible. I knew that the location of Ila's house would not work for an in-house sale & you were willing to work with me to move the more valuable items to include with an upcoming sale in Austin. That meant that I would not have the usual advantage of having the house empty & clean at the end of the sale, but it seemed like a fair trade to me.

You know your antiques. Since I am inexperienced but interested in learning, I wanted to be there when you explored the house for your initial survey, when you came back to move the stuff to Austin & then on the days of the sale. It was fun to watch you discover valuable items & light up with enthusiasm as you recognized names of artists & manufacturers. A couple of days prior to the sale, I saw a glimpse of the huge amount of work & expertise that goes into setup. At the sale, I was impressed with your presentation. So many items had been sadly neglected for decades & you cleaned & polished them & made them attractive again. The sale itself was very well-organized in terms of grouping like items together & in displaying them so that all were visible & clearly priced.

Your preferred customer list is one of your strongest assets. You have spent years cultivating these relationships & you can match a sale item with a potential customer after just a glance. The fact that they keep returning says it all.

Your pricing was obviously fair since there weren't more than a dozen things left at the end of the sale. I was pleasantly surprised when the checks were well above your initial estimate. And the globe was the biggest & best surprise of all. When I saw it in the attic, I knew it was old but, as you said repeatedly, condition is everything & its condition was in need of lots of TLC. When it didn't sell in Austin with a price tag of $500 I figured it was just overpriced, but you suggested trying to sell it on eBay since the market for globe collectors is more international than local. What a shock when it sold for $2,225! Your experience, persistence & willingness to try alternative venues paid off for both of us.

Finally, an estate is more than an estate. It's what's left of someone's life after they've either downsized or departed this life. An estate sale requires more than a strong back & a splash of furniture polish (although those are also necessary). If it is to be done properly, it requires a sense of history, laborious research into the background of many items, a respect for the fact that someone spent their life treasuring these items (sometimes for generations) & a determination to relocate them to someone else who will treasure them. Our lives are made of stories, lived & told one at a time, & our stuff contains those stories. You get that. You handled her treasures properly. Ila would be proud!

Thank you, Anne & the rest of your staff. With deepest gratitude,

– J. Edwards, executor, Smithville • Indigo Broom, Senna Hills, Austin • October 12, 2009 (#18)

• THANKS SO MUCH for a big job very well done. You all made a huge step up in my Senior Life... I want you to know how much I appreciated all of your efforts & work with the display of my house contents... Everything was arranged great & organized... clean... made ready for the new owners. I shall never forget your kindness. Thank you.

– Sylvia Sanders, client • Crossmeadow, Lakewood, Austin • October 8, 2009 (#17)

• I went to your Crossmeadow sale & was absolutely pleased. All marked prices were both fair & reasonable for the buyer & the seller. I then went to another estate sale on Saturday, about 5pm. Prices were marked up ridiculously high & I felt sorry for the family that hired this lady to do the sale. I was annoyed because I am very frugal, but hate to haggle. I felt pressured & uncomfortable to have to do so to get a decent deal. I left empty handed. I left your sale with a near full car.

Also, I found you both on Craigslist. Your ad was very attractively written & informative. I went to your website & found the "Six Tips" to be very helpful, as I am new to yard & estate sales. You also explain how you run your show, doing the Friday & Saturday thing. Which, by the way, is a great idea – absolutely brilliant. On the other hand, I felt that your competitor falsely advertised in her ad by stating that the sale was from Sat 9am until everything was gone. I thought to myself, "Hmm... slim pickins, but good deals." Yet I overheard her saying to someone that they would be there again on Wednesday. I wasted my time & gas.

Anyway, I just wanted to commend you on your skills, good business practices & plain common sense. I think you've spun an intricate web of good karma for your business....

Keep up the good work & kudos to you. I'm new in town, but I will send you business anytime the opportunity presents itself. Thank you for a wonderful experience & I'll be seeing you around.

– Amanda Hinson, customer • Crossmeadow, Lakewood, Austin • October 4, 2009 (#16)

• Wow, I am impressed with your rapid responses.... No wonder everyone speaks so highly of you.

– Paul S., customer • October 2, 2009 (#15)

• We feel great about doing this estate sale with you two. You have a great mix of fairness, expertise, interest in history, willingness to "get dirty" & treasure hunting skills.

– Chad Aicklen, executor • Cromwell Hill, Old Enfield, Austin • September 19, 2009 (#14)

• Anne & her team conducted a very successful sale for me. She & her team were very professional & knowledgeable. They invested the time to research & market my sale & it resulted in a huge turnout. I definitely recommend Anne & her team!!!

– David Foley, client, San Diego, California • W. Gibson, Bouldin Creek, Austin • September 15, 2009 (#13)

• Thank you for displaying my "memories" so beautifully.

– Bonnie Nathan, client, Menlo Park, California • Valley Springs, Stratford Hills, Austin • September 8, 2009 (#12)

• I would not hesitate to recommend Anne Dee for your parents' estate sale. She is honest, very knowledgeable & extremely hard-working. The sale came off well with a great turnout & the house was left clean & ready for the realtor to begin.

– referral from past client to prospective client • Valley Springs, Stratford Hills, Austin • August 1, 2009 (#11)

• We just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did with my aunt’s estate sale. [Lillie Mae] reached the age of 100 & lived in her house for 87 years. The thought of going through all her possessions & sorting, pricing & then holding the sale ourselves was just too overwhelming. You & your team did a wonderful job – very professional & knowledgeable.

The way you left the house after the sale – so clean & neat – was amazing. We did not do another thing to it before showing it to potential buyers. We found a buyer within two weeks & are now waiting for it to close.

I have already & will continue to recommend your valuable service to others who are facing the enormous job of holding an estate sale. Thank you once again for everything.

– Pat & Clint Maddox, executors • Pecan, Bastrop • April 18, 2009 (#10)

• Huge compliments to Anne Dee & her team of professionals in managing the sale for our Dad’s estate, or as we came to call it … Dad’s Last Sale.

Dad lived in his home for 30+ years & was an avid collector, buyer & seller of many types of things: antique books, Texana, military items, glassware, Longhorn memorabilia & more. When Dad passed away he left behind many collectibles & treasures. In sorting through things after his passing, we, as his children & heirs, were at a loss as to how to value his possessions & proceed with an estate sale in a professional manner.

A colleague put us in touch with Anne. In speaking with Anne, we immediately found her to be extremely knowledgeable about how to proceed & equipped with a plan that would be respectful of our Dad’s wishes.

Anne & her team worked tirelessly for three weeks to prepare the house & the myriad of items for the estate sale. She & her team researched values for collectibles, prepared the items for display throughout the house & brought in her own display cases & tables to conduct a professional sale. Every item in the house was considered – even old tools were prepared for sale.

On the day of the sale, people arrived early–a testament to Anne’s reputation & business dealings. A steady flow of interested buyers came to the estate sale over the weekend. At the end, almost everything in the house had been sold. Remaining items were donated to the Salvation Army.

A few days later, I met with Anne & she provided line-by-line detail of all the items sold & presented me with a check for the proceeds of the estate sale.

I remain amazed at, & appreciative of, the work that Anne & her team do. I will always think of Anne fondly as the great woman who orchestrated Dad’s Last Sale.

– Nancy McIntire, executor, & the family of Thomas J. Ney • Millway, Allandale Estates, Austin • February 19, 2009 (#9)

• Finding your website was the best thing that could have happened to me & my wife! As a retail professional for more than 35 years, I recognized right away that you knew how to make this happen & the results were everything I could have hoped for. You understand how to price, promote & conduct an estate sale to achieve maximum results.

In spite of a difficult homeowners organization, you & your team moved quickly & efficiently to sell off the contents of our Austin home, getting good pricing & leaving us with a nice clean home to deliver to the buyers. Thanks for a difficult job well done!

– Sam & Mardi Crowley, clients, Coppell • Mariscal Canyon, Bluffs of Great Hills, Austin • September 9, 2008 (#8)

• Thanks for the professional yet friendly manner in which you conduct your sales. Today I purchased a number of Texana books & you recognized my dealer status....Thanks again for all the effort you put into conducting these estate sales.

– Charles Locke, customer • Millway, Allandale Estates, Austin • August 31, 2008 (#7)

• Anne: It was great to talk to you today. You sound like just the person I need to handle this sale for me!

– Sam Crowley, client, Coppell • Mariscal Canyon, Bluffs of Great Hills, Austin • August 14, 2008 (#6)

• Here is a testimonial to go on your website. We mean every word.

When our parents moved into assisted living, we were faced with the question of what to do with all the possessions our family had accumulated over 40 years in our family home. Our house was packed to the rafters with furniture, clothes, books, collectibles & memorabilia from our parents’ 60 years of marriage. To make matters worse, nobody in our family ever liked to throw anything away – & we had never had a garage sale! The task of cleaning out the house (& our very messy garage) seemed almost impossible.

Anne Dee was a godsend to us. She came in & worked tirelessly for two weeks to set up a living estate sale. Anne & her colleagues carefully researched how much our things were worth & priced them fairly. Anne made sure everything was clean, organized & attractively presented. We appreciated Anne’s professional & straightforward approach & especially appreciated the kind & respectful way in which she dealt with us & our parents. It made a difficult time so much easier.

The estate sale came off beautifully. It was well publicized & well attended & our parents felt good about the results. It was such a relief to know that we had chosen the right person for the job!

Anne & her team are fantastic & we will always be grateful for everything they did for us.

– Mary & Liz Clare, clients' daughters • Hyridge, Westover Hills, Austin • July 23, 2008 (#5)

• I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate everything you did for us. The sale went great & it was a pleasure to work with you. We are really enjoying the clean house ... it is even better than we expected!!

– Dr. Shelby Marquardt, client • W. Courtyard, Shepherd Mountain, Austin • June 6, 2008 (#4)

• Our experience with Anne Dee was serendipitous! We were at the end of our proverbial rope, having spent eight consecutive weekends traveling from Dallas to Georgetown to sort through the belongings of our dearly cherished friend. We knew we needed to have an estate sale, but had no clear ideas as to how it should be run. Recalling garage sales & yard sales we had conducted in the past, we figured a few signs, a newspaper ad & some price tags was all that we needed. However, the sheer volume of items quickly made it apparent that we were ill-equipped to handle this gargantuan task. Even though we both have experience in sales & merchandising, we didn’t even know where to begin to price a tea cup collection from the early part of the century – should they be $5 or $50 each? Our discussions led to arguments that ultimately led to frustration & added stress.

It was then that we decided to search the internet for an estate sale service in the Austin area. The results of our search were very interesting. First, there are very few true estate sale services with an internet presence. Second, of those listed, a few have only a phone number & a basic description. Third, the standard commission in the industry seemed to be 50%, which seemed rather exorbitant to us. Finally, we found Anne Dee. Her website was so informative & easy to read. Every single question that we had been asking for weeks was clearly answered in her 10 Tips section. When we picked up the phone to call, all we had to do was explain our situation & ask her when she could come see the house.

Anne & her colleagues worked tirelessly for two weeks to prepare for the sale. The house was turned upside down – shelves for books & glass were brought in, tables were supplied & neatly arranged to create a flow to the traffic through the house & each item was meticulously cared for & priced according to their vast knowledge of the antique markets & experience with what prices items will actually sell for. Anne told us to stay in Dallas until the weekend of the estate sale & not worry about a thing.

Her calm, professional demeanor eased our minds & allowed us to sleep at night, knowing we were in good hands.

The weekend of the estate sale worked like clockwork. Big, yellow signs with directional arrows were placed all over town. It would have taken much of our time to make signs & put them out & pick them up each day – not to mention the cost of making them. Anne manned the checkout station while her colleagues expertly answered questions & welcomed people to the sale. They were a well-oiled machine. All items of value were kept within their sights & smaller items such as jewelry were placed in special glass cases. The house had been turned into a showroom! We were amazed at what people bought. Some came for the rare finds while others sifted through books & records & others went straight for the old tools. Nearly everything in the entire house sold that weekend. When the sale was finished, all items of no value were taken to the dump & those with some value were donated to charity. The handful of items that remained after that were taken to another sale that Anne was conducting two weeks later & they all sold.

Anne sent us a full inventory & a check for the proceeds within three days of the sale weekend. We were so pleased with the outcome! Even after her fee, we realized more from the sale than we would have if we had conducted it on our own. We offer our heart-felt thanks & gratitude to Anne & her colleagues for all they did for us. They are now a proud part of our family’s history & we cherished every moment we spent with them. Reflecting back, we should have called Anne after our first trip to Georgetown!

– David Bauman, executor, Dallas • Old Town, Georgetown • May 19, 2008 (#3)

• Thank you for the email regarding the Estate Sale in Berry Creek. It was nice to meet you & I appreciated the way you handled the sale. Everything was clean, organized & priced & I believe most things were priced fairly. You were very cordial to deal with. Thanks again for your kindness & for doing a good job at what you do. That is sometimes rare these days & deserves to be recognized. Good luck in all your endeavors.

– John Bright, customer • Hacienda, Berry Creek, Georgetown • April 7, 2008 (#2)

• WOW! What a great job you all did on the estate sale. You were upfront with us about the process that was needed to make this a great sale & you carried it out. I really appreciate how easy it was to work with you & all of your staff.

When we contacted you, we were overwhelmed & exhausted & we had only begun going through the memories that were in that home. You & your team came in, pulled out all of the family memories & packed them up for us to go through when we can muster the time & energy that it takes, worked numerous hours to organize & prepare for the estate sale & worked non-stop for four days to help us reach the end goal of sharing the extra memorabilia with others through the sale. You truly showed that you understood the emotional ties that we had to these belongings & helped us move on as Betty would have wanted. As promised, you had the house sparkling when we put it on the market & it sold within 24 hours!

Again, thanks to you & your team for helping us with this truly emotional time in our lives. Please feel free to use us as a reference for any other possible clients! You all did a fantastic job!

– Tina Folts, executor • Galacia, Balcones Woods, Austin • August 11, 2007 (#1)

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